Do you want an exclusive trip to Dalmatia just for yourself?

We have a very wide selection of one day trips, however, we offer you the ultimate flexibility with the ability to book a private tour. This means you will have your own personal guide, with a personal vehicle and driver, completely for you and the group of people you travel with – no one else.

Opposite from group tours, the private tour offers you the chance to choose your own times and to change the itinerary based on your needs and preferences.

Some private experiences are available as standalone purchases on our website while the possibilities are endless when we design a tour upon your request.

The most popular private excursions

Why choose a private trip?

  • Although those tours may seem pricier, We value every second of your time and every cent of your budget, so we create itineraries to get the best value for money.
  • Who are private tours for? It is an excellent option for both family and group of friends or an individual couple that wish to travel at their own peace.

718 beautiful islands

The Croatian coast has as many as 718 islands, making it one of the most widespread coasts in Europe.

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Need accommodation near the excursion?

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