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Self-Guided or Private Tour – Which to Choose?

If you wish to travel on a pre-planned itinerary without a guide, opt for a self-guided tour. These journeys come without the assistance of a guide or driver, featuring a fully prepared travel plan, so you don’t have to worry about what to see and visit. We’ll also book your accommodation and excursions for you. Your only task is to follow the travel plan.

If you prefer to have company during your travels, choose a private tour. We have prepared trips for you that include the accompaniment of a driver and/or travel companion, along with activities, excursions, tastings, meals, a guide, accommodation, and transfers. On such trips, you’ll receive everything you deserve and more.

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Traveling brings excitement and adventure, but also unpredictable situations. Don’t let unexpected events overshadow your perfect plans. With our travel insurance, ensure peace of mind and security wherever you are.

Summer vacations in Zadar

Spend your summer in Zadar and relax on some of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. Our summer vacation plans are tailored and suitable for a variety of guests: families with children aged 7 and older, couples and friends, air travelers, singles, etc.

Why choose our summer holidays?

  • We offer several different types of holidays that are time and content tailored to your wishes
  • There are no hidden holiday costs because the price includes all costs (depending on the selected arrangement)
  • Rich experience in organizing holidays and excursions allows us practical planning, so you will have the opportunity to make the most of time and money in Dalmatia

2620 hours of sunshine

The Zadar region has an average of 2620 hours of sunshine a year, which is an excellent criterion for planning the perfect vacation.

Many of Zadar’s attractions are available to visitors throughout the year, but the summer months bring a special Dalmatian charm to the lively city.

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Grab the best organized vacations. With flexible booking conditions, relax on the most beautiful Croatian beaches. Take a look at our holiday offer and choose the one that meets your needs. Excursions are also included in the prices of holidays, so you will be able to make the most of your vacation time.