Zadar is an open promenade with squares that been the centre of public life for centuries. The fragments from the past reveal Zadar’s antiquity and its dynamic squares demonstrate the urban identity of the city. If you decide to visit Zadar, one of the most beautiful coastal cities in Croatia, then you will probably cross at least one of its squares, so check which are the most important Zadar squares.


1. People square

People square is a central city square in Zadar, situated in the heart of the old town. It was shaped in Middle ages and at that time was called „Platea Magna“. The square is surrounded by historic buildings, museum, clock tower and lovely coffee shops. It is a favourite meet-up point for locals. Sit at the open terrace, drink a coffee and just enjoy the people and sites.
During hot summer nights listen to the street bands, enjoy the music and the jolly atmosphere at the square.


2. Five wells square


five wells square


Five wells square is situated close the Land Gate in the old town. It features exactly what its name suggests – five wells lined up in a row. The square was built in 16th century, to withstand Ottoman sieges and it is actually a large underground cistern for drinking water decorated with five ornamental wellheads on top. When the Ottoman threat ended, a park was built on top of the nearby bastion.


 3. Three wells square

Three wells square was formed in 16th century, on a location of a former defensive moat. It is a water cistern with three wells and a source of a fresh water in a walled city. Close to the square is Church of Our Lady of Health and Small Arsenal that is a visitor’s center now.


 4. Petar Zoranić square

Petar Zoranić square carries the name of the famous Renaissance poet and author of the first novel written in Croatian. This is where once was main entrance to the city with monumental gates built during Roman colonization. Even today you can see remains of the gates under the glass pavement. Nowadays the square is surrounded with bastion from 16th century, Captain’s, Proveditor’s and Rector’s Palace.


 5. St. Anastasia’s square


st. anastasia’s square


St. Anastasia square is situated in front of the cathedral, which is the largest church in all Dalmatia. Cathedral was constructed on basis of a former church from 4-5th century and later it gained beautiful Romanesque and Gothic decorations.
Opposite of the cathedral lies Episcopal seminary and the southern side the square is closed by the so-called Illyrian Seminary, a modest Baroque structure built in 18th century.


 6. Forum


Forum in Zadar


Two thousand years ago, during Roman era, Forum was a favorite gathering place in Zadar, where all important social, religious and economical events took place. The Forum in Zadar was constructed between the 1st century BC and the 3rd century AD and it was the biggest Forum built in Croatia. Remains of a Roman Forum are among the most intriguing things about Zadar since they present thousands of years of history of the city presented on site to public.