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Discover Velebit, the longest mountain range and the largest protected area in Croatia.

Velebit is a Croatian mountain that stretches for 145 km along the Adriatic coast, separating it from the continental part of Croatia. Entire area of Velebit mountain is protected as Nature Park since 1981.

Velebit is frequently referred to as a “center of endemism”, so it doesn’t surprise that it is the most important mountain in Croatia, if not in the Mediterranean.

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Why you should visit Velebit?

The value of this area can clearly be seen in the fact that the mountain of Velebit includes two National Parks – Paklenica and Northern Velebit and due to its value and significance for the conservation of biodiversity of our planet, Velebit became part of the UNESCO’s World Network of Biosphere Reserves.

Majstorska cesta (eng. Master’s road) is a 41-km long road across Velebit, built in 19th century by Habsburg Monarchy following the development of the economy and trade in order to improve traffic and transport between Vienna and Zadar. This road is among the most beautiful mountain roads in Croatia offering breathtaking views of Zadar hinterland, sea and region. In 2007 it was included in the list of cultural goods of the Republic of Croatia. You can take Jeep safari or ride a bike through this historical mountain road.

Church of St. Francis is situated along the Majstorska cesta road, with equal porches on both sides. On one side the porch is facing the mountain and on the other it is facing the sea. Austrian emperor Francis II decided to construct the church in 1832 to commemorate the newly built Majstorska cesta road. Today it is a popular stop for all photography fans.

1,757 m

Velebit’s highest peak is the Vaganski vrh at 1,757 m

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The most attractive mountain peak

Tulove grede is one of the most attractive mountain peaks of Velebit mountain, looking like a group of vertical limestone blocks, peaks and towers of about 1 km long. The highest peak is 1120 m high.

Various tales and legends are associated with this mountain. According to them, dragons laid here, and invisible Velebit fairies lived on the mountain.

Tulove grede can be reached from Zadar and you can visit them by following Majstorska cesta road and hike to the top of the peak for spectacular views..


Unique karst landscape and unusual looking peaks of Tulove grede mountain peak served as Wild West set for popular Winnetou movies