Submitting complaints


Traveler that wishes to make a complaint related to the failure to provide or partially provided service that is part of the Package Tour can submit a complaint in writing to following e-mail: within 8 days after they received service. Magic Croatia is not required to take into consideration complaints made after the expiration of the deadline above.

In accordance to the Consumer Protection Act, Magic Croatia will confirm receipt of that complaint without postponement and shall give a written response to the complaint within 15 days from the receipt.

Complaints made related to the failure of providing services that are part of a Package Tour

A Traveler is due to point out any irregularity or failure to provide services that are part of Package Tour (transport, accommodation, meals, ect.) at the spot to the immediate service provider: hotel reception, restaurant stuff, bus driver or a guide. Furthermore, Traveler is due to cooperate with Travel Organizer and immediate service provider to eliminate the cause of complaint. If the Traveler does not accept on-the-spot solution that is equal in type and quality to the contracted service, the Travel Organizer, i.e. Magic Croatia shall not accept the traveler’s subsequent complaint and shall not respond.

If the service provided after the complaint still isn’t provided in the contracted way, the Traveler shall ask for a written notice from the service provider and enclose it to the written complaint submitted at the latest 8 days after the return from the journey, otherwise the Organizer will disregard it. Complaints submitted upon return without enclosed notice shall be considered unsubstantiated.

In case that complaint could be resolved at the spot (for example, unsatisfactory room cleanliness, equipment, room position etc.) but the traveler did not complain on the spot and did not inform any irregularities to the service provider, is considered that the traveler agrees with the provided service, thereby loses the right to claim complaints with a request for price reduction or compensation.

Travelers that want to express their dissatisfaction about provided tour shall submit complaint in written to the following e-mail: within 8 days after the tour has ended.