Would you like to visit Plitvice lakes?

Discover Plitvice, the oldest and most visited National park in the Republic of Croatia

Plitvice are located in the mountainous area of central Croatia, halfway between the capital Zagreb and the Adriatic coast.

There are 16 lakes that are connected by numerous waterfalls.

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Why you should visit Plitvice?

In Plitvice you will meet a waterfall on every turn, but Veliki slap (Eng. Great waterfall) is an absolute highlight of the park. You can not leave the park without taking picture in front of this 78 m high waterfall.

As you walk following wooden trail across the lakes, take time to admire beautiful greenish-blue colors that change according to the sunlight. The water is crystal clear and you will be able to spot fishes swimming around.

Ride in the electric-powered boat across the Kozjak lake, the largest and the deepest lake in the park and admire magnificent nature around you.


Plitvička jezera (Plitvice Lakes) was the first Croatian national park inscribed in UNESCO World Heritage list in 1979

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How Plitvice National Park got its name

The name of the Park comes from the Croatian word “plitvice”, “pličine” which means something shallow, in Plitvice it is a shallow basin in limestone filled with water.

Entire area is surrounded by thick forest. Fir and breech trees rise over 50 meters high, and finding oneself under these giants is a truly special experience.

30 to 90 cm

The growth of travertine barriers in Plitvice lakes are unique case in entire world. The world average growth of travertine barriers is only couple of centimeters in every 30 years, while, in Plitvice lakes National Park, travertine barriers grow 30 to 90 centimeters in same time period

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