Would you like to visit Krka National park?

Discover Krka, one of the most popular Croatian national parks, named after the river Krka.

Krka is a second most visited national park in Croatia, situated in central Dalmatia, in Šibenik-Knin County.

This is a dry region without much water areas, so the 72.5 km long course of the Krka River with its 7 waterfalls is a natural phenomenon and a true green oasis.

The best excursions in Krka National park

Why you should visit Krka?

At Skradinski buk there is an etno village that presents how locals lived before and how they used the power of the river. At the restored water mills of Krka National Park, it is possible to watch presentations of milling wheat into flour, cloth washing, weaving of fabrics and floor mats, horseshoe smith, preparation of food in the traditional kitchen and more.

Walk by the Krka hydroelectric plant from 1895, which is being visible even today even though it is no longer in function. This is the world’s second alternating current hydroelectric plant, open couple of days after the one on Niagara.

As you walk around Skradinski buk waterfall, do not miss out Imperial lookout, looking like a small balustrade. It is a place from which the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Francis Joseph I and his wife Elizabeth in 1875 admired Skradinski buk waterfall and magnificent nature.


Krka is the 22nd longest river in Croatia

The best multi day tours with Krka National park

“Skradinski buk” waterfall

Before the Krka makes its final journey to the sea, it passes over 7 waterfalls, out of which the best known and most visited is Skradinski buk waterfall. Skradinski buk is also the longest waterfall in the park. Skradinski buk waterfall once was a milling settlement using the rushing waters of the Krka to power a variety of machines

To see Skradinski buk you can take Lozovac or Skradin entrance and walk around one-way, circular trail that will lead you around numerous waterfalls and amazing nature.


– Circular trail that goes around Skradinski buk waterfall is 1900 m long and you can pass it for 1,5-2 h