Would you like to visit Kornati National park?

Discover Kornati, the most indented group of islands in the Mediterranean.

Kornati National park is an archipelago situated south from Zadar that consists of 89 islands, islets and reefs scattered across the sea

Due to exceptional landscape beauty, unusual geomorphology, highly indented coast and rich submarine ecosystem, Kornati were proclaimed a national park in 1980.

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Why you should visit Kornati National park?

In the Kornati archipelago you may find corals, shells, crabs, fishes, dolphins and turtles.
One of the fundamental phenomena of the national park are so called “Kornati crowns” are actually high cliffs that vertically rise from the sea appearing at the outer islands that face the open sea.

If you are lucky you may encounter dolphins. They occasionally swim at high speed in these waters and play following tourist boats.

When in Kornati you will admire clear and transparent sea. Since Kornati are a national park, its flora and fauna are under protection. Snorkel below the sea surface to see wildlife that looks like an aquarium.

238 km

Islands of Kornati are making 12% of all the islands in Croatia and its coastline is 238 km long

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Uninhabited islands

Although there is lot of islands in Kornati archipelago, no one is living on those islands.

Unless you have your own boat, you’ll have to book an excursion from Zadar or another coastal city, or arrange a private transfer because there is no ferry that can take you to Kornati National park.

330 km

In the entire territory of Kornati islands there are impressive 330 km of dry walls that even today witnesses local men hard work and skill on modest soil. UNESCO has declared “The Art of Dry Stone Walls” as an intangible element of World Heritage in 2018.