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Sphinx walking tour

Zadar, Croatia
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During the Sphinx walking tour or famously called” Boat to Brodarica” you will learn more about the history of Zadar maritime and city port. We will start from the old part of the town and we will go to the other side with small boat named “barkajol”. After a short cruise, we will continue by foot, we will see numerous monuments and villas and finally we come to the Sphinx, the largest in Europe. 

AVAILABILITY: every day, entire year


Duration: 1 hour

Thematic walking tour was created by art history professor and archaeologist Zrinka Brkan Klarin, who is also a licensed tourist guide. As a part of the tour, you will learn about the history of Zadar maritime and the city port. The port of Zadar is connected with the glorious history of the prehistoric people of Liburnia, for centuries it provided the maritime routes of the Roman and Byzantine Empires, and later the Venetian Republic. The walking tour starts from the old part of the city, from where we will be transported by a little boat named “barkajol”, to the other side. After arriving on the other side of the port, we continue on foot along the coast, during the walk you will get to know the historic center of Zadar, through the story of the Chain Gate, the church of St. Jacob, the first summer house on the coast, the famous liquor Maraschino. Along the coast of Brodarica there are summer houses, houses and villas that mark this part of the city with a special stamp of the time from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. The villas are built in historicist or Art Nouveau style and carry a special splendor of the period and urban identity of the time in which the new bourgeoisie developed and the country and relaxed lifestyle accompanied by the construction of the first baths, promenades and parks. The tour finally leads us to a beautiful green park where the most unexpected inhabitant of Brodarica hides – a sphinx! The largest sphinx on European soil was built at the beginning of the 20th century by Giovanni Smirich, an artist, conservator and museologist from Zadar, and it is associated with an inspiring story of love and art. The park itself is a beautiful example of a garden decorated in a romantic English style next to the former private villa of the Smirich family, Villa Attili, built in classicist forms.

Possible to arrange – Visit to the premises of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in the historicist villa Tamino and a tour of the Maritime Collection within this institution.

From 75,00 EUR  (565.09 HRK) for a group up to 1-5 persons

  • 75,00 EUR  (565.09 HRK) for a group up to 1 – 5 persons
  • 115,00 EUR  (866.47 HRK) for a group up to 6-10 persons


  • Thematic guided tour
  • Licensed local guide
  • Ride with a “barkajol”
  • Tasting of Maraschino liquor

GUIDE: licensed guide who speaks croatian and english

OPTIONAL and available at extra charge:

  • visit to villa Tamino and tour of maritime collection


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  • Learn about Zadar maritime history and city port.
  • Visit villa Tamina which houses the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts also the Maritime collection.
  • Visit the biggest sphinx on European soil.


  • Thematic guided tour
  • Licensed local guide
  • Ride with a boat
  • Tasting Maraschino liquor

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Razgled grada

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Zadar, Croatia


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