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Silba, Olib and Ist full day tour with speed boat from Zadar

Olib and Silba
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9:30 hours


Up to 1 day

Group Size

12 people




Silba,Olib and Ist full day tour with speed boat will take you to 3 isolated islands, without cars, far from the city crowds. You will discover hidden beaches and Olib, the island that is referred as Adriatic king of sandy beaches. You will snorkel to see antic sarcophagi, visit open air art gallery and climb the Tower of love.

DATES: May – September


SILBA is an island situated north from Zadar, populated since Antiquity. Name of the island comes from Latin word “Silva” meaning woods. Silba is the island of pedestrians – without cars and it is a true peace oasis. In the only village on the island you will find hidden beaches with crystal clear sea, captain’s houses and Tower of love – Toreta, which rises in the center of the village.

OLIB is the island that bears the title “Adriatic king of sandy beaches”. Numerous hidden bays are combination of sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Olib is a peace oasis as it is forbbiden to drive a car on the island. Bay Slatinica is on the eastern side of the island and it is adorned by the most beautiful beach with shallow waters.

IST is a small island with an interesting shape, which some associate with a butterfly, and others with two connected horseshoes. It is located in the Zadar archipelago and is an ideal destination for people who want a peaceful vacation. As it is rich in fish, Ist is often visited by fans of professional and amateur diving. It is also a favorite destination for boaters.


8 stops: untouched beach Slatinica, Olib – ancient port Pocukmarak on Silba – sandy beach Sotorišće, Silba – Open air art gallery and Tower of Love, Silba – St. Nichola’s beach, Olib – Sea Organ, Zadar, Island Ist

START: 9:00
END: 18:30
Duration: 9:30 hours

For this tour you need to come 30 min before the tour starts. Boat departs from Zadar at 9:00. You will enjoy driving in a speed boat along numerous islands north from Zadar. After 1 hour of driving you will get to the first stop, Olib island, that is often referred as “Adriatic king of the sandy beaches”. In Slatinica bay you will have free time for swimming in a turquoise sea or you can relax at beach with fine white sand. After that you will return to the boat and ride to next location.
Next stop is on Silba island in Pocukmarak bay. You will dive with snorkeling equipment provided at the boat and discover hidden treasure underneath the sea surface. You will learn fascinating information about first inhabitants of the Silba island and you will visit mysterious underwater museum with ancient sarcophagi. A visit to the small island of Ist is also planned in order to get to know the Dalmatian culture and customs.
After that follows another stop in a bay named Sotorišće. This is a white sand beach, with transparent waters and depth of only 3,5m.
Next is sightseeing of a small fishing village Silba on the island. You will walk across the island to see Open air art gallery from a prominent Croatian sculptor Marija Ujević Galetović. Your guide will tell you more about rich history of the island and you will find out why the Silba is called “the island of captains”. You will hear a love story about construction of a Toreta – Tower of love and climb the tower to enjoy the spectacular view.
After sightseeing follows lunch break. You can have lunch in a restaurant on the island, on a terrace underneath the olive trees, with an additional charge.
When lunch break is over you will return to the boat and the boat will be stopping at Olib island at St. Nichola’s beach. You will have free time for swimming at sandy beach or you can explore untouched nature on your own.
Next, you will get back to the boat and travel back to Zadar. Before this tour ends, boat will stop yet another time, in front of a Sea Organ at Zadar’s sea promenade. You will have unique opportunity to enjoy the view of the Sea Organ installation from the sea.
This tour ends when you return to Zadar’s marina.

THE PRICE: 126,00 EUR per person (949.34 HRK)

Ovaj izlet je besplatan za djecu do 3,99 godine. Za djecu 4 – 6,99 godina cijena je 63,00 EUR (474.67 HRK)


  • Skipper and a guide
  • Snacks
  • Juice for children
  • 1x Beer
  • Bottled water
  • Fruit salad
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Fuel
  • Mooring costs
  • Insurance
  • VAT


  • Lunch (optional lunch in a restaurant at an additional charge)

RECOMMENDED AGE: children older than 4 and adults
swimming suit, beach towel, layered clothes, hat, sun cream, pocket money, ID
BOAT CAPACITY: 12 persons


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  • Visit Silba and Olib, 2 island, peace oasis without any vehicles
  • Swim in hidden beaches with white sands and turquoise waters
  • Dive underneath the sea and discover ancient sarcophagi and climb Toreta tower that was built for love

What you will do

9:00 - Departure from Zadar
Departure from Zadar at 9:00. It is necessary to arrive at the start point 30 minutes earlier.
10:15 - Olib island, Slatinica bay
The first stop is on the island of Olib and the bay of Slatinica. It is one of the most beautiful bays on the island, whose coast is a combination of white sand and stone. The sea is extremely shallow with crystal clear waters.
11:20 - Silba island, Pocukmarak bay and ancient sarchopagi
The next stop is on the island of Silba, Pocukmarak bay. You will have the opportunity to snorkel under the sea surface to the site of ancient sarcophagi.
12:00 - Silba island - Sotorišće bay
The next stop is in the shallow sandy bay of Sotorišće on the island of Silba.
13:10 - Silba island - Open air art gallery and Tower of love
After swimming in the sea, you will visit the village of Silba and walk around the island. You will discover the open-air gallery of the famous Croatian sculptor Marija Ujević Galetović.
Our guide will tell you the story of the love that led to the construction of Tureta, a monument of love and a symbol of Silba island.
You can climb the tower and enjoy the panoramic view of the sea nad the island.
After the sightseeing, there will be a break for lunch. You can have lunch in the restaurant on the island for an additional fee.
16:00 - Olib island, St. Nichola's bay
After lunch, return to the boat and sail to the island of Olib. The last stop will be in the bay of St. Nicholas. You will have free time for swimming in the sandy bay.
After that you will ride back to Zadar.
18:25 - Zadar - stop in front of the Sea Organ
Before this tour ends, the boat will stop in front of the Zadar waterfront so you can enjoy the view of the Sea Organ, a world-famous installation that produces a unique melody thanks to the movement of the sea and waves.
You will enjoy the view and take photos of the Sea Organ and Zadar from the boat.
This tour ends with a return to the marina.


  • Skipper and a guide
  • Snacks
  • Juice for children
  • 1x Beer
  • Bottled water
  • Fruit salad
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Fuel
  • Mooring fees
  • Insurance
  • VAT
  • Lunch (optional lunch in a restaurant on the island for an additional charge)

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Olib and Silba
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