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Dugi otok Kayak

BRBINJ, Brbinj, Croatia
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10 - 11 hours


Up to 2 days

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10 people




Dugi otok Kayak is an attractive tour through secluded caves, white sandy beaches and magnificent cliffs. Discover Dugi otok! Swim in the crystal clear sea, jump from cliffs and explore enchanting cave.

DATES: from May util October


Dugi otok is the largest island among the North Dalmatian islands in Zadar archipelago. Geographically it is an island of great diversity and contrast. South-eastern part of island is protected as Nature Park Telašćica, while lagoon Sakarun is situated on north-western part of the island.

Plan of the trip:

START: 08:30 am

Take a ferry and discover lush paradise of Dugi otok. With white sands, sheer cliffs, secret bays, Dugi otok is the perfect destination to unwind and explore. When you arrive to Dugi otok, van will transfer you to the bay from where kayaking adventure starts. You will visit sandy beaches, cliffs of Dugi otok, secret caves and snorkel near sunken ship. For last you will visit Sakarun beach and learn local game “picigin”.
Later you will take a ferry to Zadar.

PRICE: 108,00 EUR per person  (813.73 HRK)


  • van transport
  • full sea kayaking gear
  • certified local guide
  • dry bag for personal belongings
  • insurance
  • VAT


  • meal and beverage
  • ferry transport

WHAT TO BRING: swimsuit, towel, sun protection, water, snacks and your ID

NOTICE: minimum of 3 people is required for this trip and maximum capacity is 14 people. From June 3rd until 1st September Dugi otok Kayak tours are organized every day


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  • Spend a day at sea and discover the hidden places of Long Island
  • Enter the Golubinka sea cave where you will discover an underground beach and enjoy the sight of sun's rays entering through the opening and illuminating the entire cave
  • Visit Sakarun beach, one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Croatia, known for its turquoise sea and white sand

What you will do

09:00 - Ferry port Zadar
Departure in the morning from the ferry port Gaženica in Zadar. With the ferry you will ride to the port of Brbinj on Dugi otok where you will be welcomed by guides.
Each passenger will receive detailed directions and ferry tickets by email, a day or two before the start of the trip.
Brbinj, Dugi otok
Guides will meet you at the ferry port in Brbinj and will direct you to a van that will take you to the starting point of the kayak tour.
Bay of Brbinjšćica
You will row in a kayak along the steep coast of Dugi otok towards the entrance to the Golubinka cave. You will enter the cave, explore the cave from the inside, swim in the clear sea and photograph the magical interior.
Afterwards, you will visit the “Dragon’s Eye,” a natural sea pool in the rocks that looks like a blue eye. Adrenaline lovers will be able to jump from the cliffs into the sea.
Veli Rat Lighthouse
There will be a lunch break in Veli Rat. You can bring your own food or you can have lunch at the restaurant.
After lunch there will be a break for rest, swimming or sightseeing of Veli Rat.
You will kayak to the sunken ship "Michele" and stop there to dive and explore the shipwreck under water.
The last stop is on Sakarun beach. This is one of the most famous beaches in Zadar County and the absolute jewel of Croatia. It is part of the Association of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and its reputation is owned due to the fine white sand and turquoise color of the sea, which is incredibly clear.
End of the tour
Depending on the day of the week when the trip takes place, at the end of the day you will be transferred back to Zadar by the ferry to port Gazenica or by catamaran to the port in Zadar old town.


  • ferry transport
  • van transport
  • full sea kayaking gear
  • certified local guide
  • dry bag for personal belongings
  • insurance
  • VAT
  • meal and beverage

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BRBINJ, Brbinj, Croatia


Where and when does this tour starts?
Dugi otok Kayak tour starts in the morning from the ferry port Gaženica in Zadar. At 9:00 car-ferry departs from Zadar to Dugi otok and the port of Brbinj. Guides will meet you in Brbinj and transport you by van to the place where the kayak tour begins.
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