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Hostel differs from the hotel in the fact that in hostels rooms are mostly shared with other people. Usually, you share a room with number of people depending on the size of the room, while some hostels also offer private rooms.

Most hostels do not set age limits, but some are exclusively party hostels and only accept young people aged 18 to 35.

Often hostel are used by people that are backpacking and need accommodation just for one night.

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Why choose hostel?

  • It is always fun to meet new people
  • You can share travel stories with other travellers

Tip: Some hostels are closed at night hours or during regular cleaning and maintenance hours, so it’s a good idea to inform in advance.

20.000 hostels

There are about 20.000 hostels in the world

There are boat hostels – floating hostels that offer guests accommodation, food and additional services

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