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Explore the traces of history with our top-rated local guides. locate the ancient communities of the Illyrian tribes, step into the grand cities of the Romans, explore Venetian strongholds and see in person where Croatian kings were crowned. You will learn more about unique salt production and about “the caviar of salt”.

Whichever tour you choose, you will enjoy discovering picturesque coastal towns, beautiful architecture and amazing stories and legends.

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What to visit near the city of Zadar?

  • Discover Pag, fascinating island with unique geographical features, home of top quality cheese, lamb and lace appreciated and celebrated around the globe.
  • Visit Trogir, one of the most beautiful Romanesque-Gothic cities in Europe and in Split visit the Diocletian palace, UNESCO site.

15th century

The first records of Pag lace come from the 15th century when the peculiarities of Pag lace are mentioned next to the monastery of the Benedictine Sisters.

Diocletian’s Palace in Split was built back in 300 by order of the famous Roman emperor Diocletian.

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