From wonderful coast with hundreds of islands to magnificent mountains, Zadar is full of amazing nature and unique landscapes. For that reason the diversity of Zadar region provides fascinating experiences for everyone.

One of the best things to do when travelling to a new place is to see it from above. Viewpoints are really a great way to capture all city’s landmarks in one glance. On the other side, overlooking natural wonder will make you feel so small and yet at the same time, you will feel like you are on the top of the world.

So check our list of the best viewpoints in Zadar region that will give you a unique birds-eye view of some truly remarkable places.


1. Cathedral’s bell tower in Zadar


belltower zadar


Bell tower of Zadar’s cathedral is 42 m high and it is open for public. It is great for observing the old town as Zadar’s historical core is situated on a peninsula. As you climb the bell tower, you will learn about its intriguing history explained by info panels on the walls. Once you reach the top – you will be amazed by the view of the entire Zadar old town, main street Kalelarga, Roman ruins, parks, city’s wider area, sea and scattered islands across the channel. Entrance ticket is just 2,00 Eur per person.


2. Mana island in Kornati National park


mana kornati


Kornati National park is an archipelago consisting of 89 islands, islets and reefs situated south from Zadar. It is the most indented island group in the Mediterranean. The islands are looking like scattered stones surrounded by crystal-clear sea. The sea is extraordinarily clean and translucent, with light penetrating deep creating a specific habitat for fish and various species of astounding corals. Perhaps the most impressive part of the archipelago is the side facing the open sea, where cliffs rise high above the sea surface.

This vertical cliffs can be found on the island of Mana, on which in 1959, were built impressive stone structures that served as a movie set for film ‘As the Sea Rages’. They were built to simulate a scenery of fishermen’s village in Greece. Even today you can walk among these ruins on a rocky cliff above the blue sea and enjoy breathtaking view of the open sea if you book one of the trips: Full-day tour to Telašćica and Kornati by speed boat or  Full day boat tour from Zadar to Kornati National and Telašćica.


3. Tulove grede mountain peak in Velebit Nature park


tulove grede viewpoint


Velebit is the largest Croatian mountain and by far the largest protected area in the country. Tulove grede (Eng. Tulo’s rafters) is one of the most attractive mountain tops on Velebit that reaches the height of 1.120 m. These rocky ridges are unique karst phenomena, they are extremely steep and 1 km long. All those that are passionate hikers can climb all the way to the top of the peak and enjoy majestic panoramic views. From the top take incredible panoramic photographs of the sea, sharp mountain peaks and green hinterland.
You can visit Tulove grede in organized tours: Jeep safari Velebit.


4. Zrmanja river and its canyon


zrmanja canyon


Zrmanja is a river that springs in the southern part of Lika region. The river is 69 km long and it flows through impressive canyon on the last 2 km until the point where it meets with the Novigrad Sea. In this canyon, the river Zrmanja is surrounded by cliffs that reach a height of up to 200 m. This canyon is protected as a significant geomorphological nature site.
Plateau above the canyon serves as a viewpoint from which you can admire emerald green river and its steep gorge.
This viewpoint is one of the stops in both Jeep safari Velebit.


5. Cliffs in Telašćica Nature park


kornati viewpoint


Telašćica is a wonderful bay and a nature park located on the south-east part of Dugi Otok (Long Island). This beautiful bay includes 6 charming islets and is surrounded by 13 islands. On the external side of the Telašćica bay are situated vertical cliffs, the most prominent cliffs on the Adriatic that are 161 meters high, and they go 85 m deep into the blue sea. You can reach the viewpoint after a short walk through the park and at the top awaits incredible viewpoint from which you will admire breath-taking view of the open sea and islands of Kornati National park. Be sure to look for dolphins that swim along the cliffs.

Telašćica and this viewpoint are visited during Kornati National park boat tour from Zadar or Full-day tour to Telašćica and Kornati by speed boat.